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I swear this is the BEST Christmas gift idea!

Earlier this week, a research company with headquarters in Europe got in touch with me, as their team in the Philippines was conducting an in-depth study about e-commerce and influencer marketing. Until now I am super amazed with the fact that people think of me and Blogapalooza whenever the term "influencer marketing" is brought up. Geez, thanks guys. It's an honor to be called the Queen of Influencer Marketing. :) *blush* (PS. That's self-proclaimed, but who's supposed to be the best ego boosters aside from our very own selves anyway? LOL)

Anyway, back to the research study. The interview went so much faster than expected; I super love answering questions about the influencer marketing landscape in the Philippines! I would love to walk you through how the interview went and some interesting questions they asked, but that's not the point of this blog entry though (sorry, were you expecting?). I wanted to particularly talk about the token they gave me after the interview -- Sodexo gift certificates!

And since the -ber months, aka the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines, have already started, I thought the best gift idea you can give your loved ones is actually the gift of FREEDOM to choose what they want to buy!

Admit it -- no one wants to go through all the stress of Christmas shopping and enduring hours in traffic and scouring malls to search for gifts for people you love, so these Sodexo GCs are really the best Christmas gift idea. Trust me, people will love it. I don't know about you, but when the research company gave me the Sodexo envelope, I got a little kilig; I was super happy I didn't get a tumbler, pen, notebook, baller bands, and button pins all contained inside an eco bag. HA. HA. HA. NKKLK

A mental list of all my inaanaks suddenly barged into my thoughts, and then I remember I sometimes try posting photos with them in my Instagram with hashtag #AceGapuzGroupOfInaanaks for easy monitoring (LOL) so Parents, here's a good idea to ask your kids' ninongs and ninangs: GC Regalo! Hassle-free na, happy pa si bagets. *wink wink*

In case you don't know yet, you can give away Sodexo GCs as gifts not only for Christmas, but all year round! Super nice because Sodexo gift certificates are widely accepted; you can use them in so many of their merchant partners in the Philippines.

I don't know what to prioritize: a wardrobe upgrade, new cases for my gadgets, hotel stays, stocking up on snacks, etc. I want to do all but the PHP 3,500 they gave me is not enough. HAHAHUHU I guess I'll need order more from (they might have discounts, who knows!).

Happy Christmas shopping to my kababayans in the Philippines! :)

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