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Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) with Biotulin at Flawless

I know, I know. I haven't written something for quite some time now, but I realized it's been a month after I had my FNT with Biotulin treatment at Flawless Trinoma and I have to let you know how it's done and what happened to my skin afterwards.

A couple of things to note, before you read up:

1. I already had relatively clear skin prior to having the treatment. I am not acne prone, I very rarely have breakouts, and I have combination skin type where my T-zone usually gets oily especially when it's humid out.

In general, I'd like to say I have nice skin to begin with, for an ordinary 29-year-old. I only took the treatment because I've been hearing so many good things about it and that I've started taking anti-aging seriously, especially that I'm almost 30 already!

2. This treatment had been made possible by Flawless, with me not having to pay anything for it. It's #sponsored but nevertheless, please trust that everything that I will write down below is what I actually experienced, my honest thoughts about the treatment, and its effects on my skin from day 1, complete with unedited #nofilter photos and videos!

Anyway, the whole FNT Biotulin process goes for around 1.5-2 hours, probably depending on your pain tolerance. I have high pain tolerance so mine went really quickly.

You will have a consultation session with the doctor first before the treatment, so your skin issues and concerns may be addressed as needed. As for the actual treatment, sequentially, here's how it happened for me:

As in all skin treatments in Flawless, FNT starts with CLEANSING the face.

After cleansing, they put TOPICAL ANESTHESIA all over the face to prepare it for the actual treatment.

FNT or Fractional Needling Therapy is a treatment administered through tiny, tiny needles (yes, they will prick your skin with needles) and as such, is expected to be painful! But no worries, nothing that lidocaine can't handle!

I was told that we need to leave the anesthesia on for at least 45 minutes before we begin the treatment, so I remember attempting to sleep while waiting for the anesthesia to set and take effect. I didn't get to sleep though, because in true millennial fashion, I just scrolled through my social media feeds. I didn't even notice, the 45 minutes went by so fast as I was scrolling through Facebook!

Me, scrolling through my Facebook feed, waiting for the anesthesia to take effect.

Wiping the anesthesia off my face

...and yay! FNT, I'm ready for yooouuu!

First and foremost, let me show you the needles they used on me:

Small but super!

I'd love to walk you through how the treatment went, so here are videos that I took as the treatment started and the immediate effects as the treatment was happening. Watch both videos; it's actually fun to watch so you can see how the treatment takes place!

Redness all over, post-treatment. Perfectly normal!

Basically, the first part of the treatment was the "pricking" part wherein "channels" are created with the needles so the Biotulin solution can penetrate the skin better and faster. WARNING: There will be a bit of blood (of course, your skin is being pricked) but just really, really tiny droplets that the doctor will quickly wipe off as the treatment goes. Letting you know of this so you won't get surprised should you decide to have FNT too!

After the pricking part is the "massaging" part where an additional layer of Biotulin will be applied on to the skin so that the entire face is covered and the skin can absorb the solution better -- the doctor needs to make sure everything is even!

My treatment must have taken just around 90 minutes in total. Not bad at all, to think the regular facial treatments also take around that long of a time too.

The treatment is not get-and-go though. It definitely has down time, wherein:

1. You can't wash your face for the next 24 hours. So I'm a part-time college teacher right, and I had a lecture class the day after my FNT. Dyahe siya and my students were asking me why my face was like that -- because my face was super duper shiny (because of the gel) and my skin felt itchy with a bit of tingling sensation and I wanted to scratch it so bad!

2. You have to consciously apply the recommended ointment to help the needling wounds to heal faster.

3. The doctor will recommend a morning and evening skincare routine that you will have to religiously follow, including this holy grail:

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel -- holy grail product!

Here's how my skin looked like days after the treatment:

DAY 1. I haven't washed my face yet here. It felt a bit itchy in the red rosy parts of my face.

DAY 2. The redness has lessened, but the itch was still there! Still, no cosmetics and/or foreign substances allowed -- not even the usual toner and moisturizer!

DAY 3. No more redness, just a bit of itch now, still can't do make up, but I had an important meeting so I put on light face powder and wore lipstick anyway. LOL

DAY 4. Almost completely healed. No more redness, no more itch! But still can't put makeup.

DAY 5. All good! Still no makeup, but can you see the rosy glow? :)

I had minor dark spots around 7-10 days after treatment (as in photo above, around the lower lip and near the chin), which according to the doctor were most likely not from the FNT treatment, as mine is an isolated case and has never happened before. Still ruling out if it's post-treatment hyperpigmentation or just vitamin B deficiency, but the dark spots lightened after 2 weeks anyway, so I believe you have nothing to worry about.

One month after the treatment and my skin feels so... sosyal, I guess? Haha! For one, I've noticed my skin has become less oily compared to before. It definitely feels smoother now and "parang pwet ng baby" (well, almost), so there's definitely improvement there compared to the skin I previously had.

I say this because you know when you wash your face at night after a long day; so you do your basic facial cleanser and then wipe your wet face after, then you're left with just a basic bare face right? I definitely can compare my skin now to my skin a month ago, and I've noticed my skin has become clearer, my pores have visibly shrunk, and I really just see and feel a healthier glow.

Over all, for the price of around PHP 12,900, it's worth it if your skin needs a quick and powerful resurrection and boost. That price is one (1) session of FNT with a take home bottle of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel. Biotulin is more effective and powerful when administered via FNT! That is why in Flawless, they don't sell the Biotulin bottle as is -- it has to be coupled with the FNT treatment. By the way, one bottle of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel lasted me a month and I use it every morning after bath and every night after cleansing, before the other skincare steps.

I'd recommend it for those who have "bumps and craters" in the face and tired-looking skin. Think of BIotulin as "instant botox" -- you apply it on to your skin and it gets absorbed fast; you'll see and feel the benefits almost instantly! I apply it on my face and I feel a tiny bit of tightening coupled with instant clearing and smoothening. When I apply it, I feel like I "feed" my skin with high-grade steak and its tastebuds jump for joy. Haha

As regards FNT -- will I want to have it done again? Most certainly, as apart from the down time and minor inconveniences (the redness and itch), I love everything about it! Caveat though, not all Flawless branches have the machine for FNT, I suggest making a call to your branch of choice first to verify if you can get FNT Biotulin there.

Thank you so much again to Flawless for letting me experience the FNT with Biotulin treatment! As always, #BeautyBeginsHere. :)

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