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We are Blogapalooza and we aim to #ElevateInfluence

Blogapalooza Inc. is an influencer marketing company that aims to foster brand-influencer collaborations to create authentic conversations using different platforms.

Yesterday in the Blogapalooza connecteD event, we launched the new identity of Blogapalooza Inc. and its current line of products. It has been a momentous thing for the company, and there's no better place to do it than in City of Dreams Manila, with our community of bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators from all over the Philippines around to celebrate this milestone with us.

The new designs represent our growth and aspirations as a company and our strong resolve to #ElevateInfluence from basic fame or reach towards a more professional, intelligent, and scalable way of creating authentic conversations through influencers. In the recent years, we have seen the importance of data and analytics in the field of influencer marketing and we aim to be the trailblazers of this influencer marketing revolution.


When the founders of Blogapalooza started the annual Blogapalooza event in 2011, it was meant to be just an event; meant to be fun, playful, and full of cheer. They just wanted it to be a platform through which businesses and bloggers could collaborate. It was a platform that came in the form of an annual event.

Over the past years, we’ve built Blogapalooza as a STRONG BRAND, so much so that when people hear about Blogapalooza, they automatically associate it with PROFESSIONALISM, CREDIBILITY, and EXPERTISE. When people hear about the #BlogaFam, they speak highly of it and are very proud to be part of it. Through the years, we were able to establish a BRAND that everyone in our industry recognizes very well.

A mentor of mine told me, it’s not about the name -- it's what you put in that name.

And so in the coming months, we shall be rolling out the new identity of Blogapalooza.

We decided to retain the “Blogapalooza” name because of the strong recall and recognition that it has already built.

You will see that the main icon is cubic triangular(ish). We wanted this because we know that triangles are the strongest shape: any added force is evenly spread through all three sides. We decided on the triangular shape because apart from being the strongest, the Triangle is also the most stable shape. Strong, stable, a safe space for our community. This is what the Blogapalooza brand has always been. This is who we are.

The icon also features the speech bubble that our previous logos have had. This is because the core of what we do is creating authentic and collaborative conversations around specific topics through influencers.


This is the identity of the Blogapalooza event. Fresh eyes, looking all around, searching for what’s new, always learning, always curious, evermore wise.

The Blogapalooza event has been there since 2011. This means we are the FIRST, the PREMIER, the LONGEST-RUNNING, and still the BIGGEST event for bloggers and content creators to network with businesses. We have opened the eyes of people to this wonderful world of influencer marketing.

Looking at this icon, you will still see the letters B and P, but more than this you will see EYES. This is because moving forward, the Blogapalooza event shall invite its patrons to look at the industry with FRESH EYES all the time. The Blogapalooza event shall be a launchpad for the innovations in the industry of influencer marketing, as well as innovations in our partner brands. Also, with eyes that have seen through the evolution of the industry, we want to emphasize our EXPERTISE and unparalleled WISDOM in this field.

Blogaccounts is an influencer campaign management service that emphasizes the contribution and inputs of the influencer to create the power that drives conversations around.

One of the products that the company recently launched is Blogaccounts, a specialized influencer campaign management service. Here, we handle influencer advertising and campaign servicing, so it’s very important to take note of this important thing: the power of creating authentic conversations.

There is still a prominent B in the icon, but we want to emphasize the power of creating authentic conversations. Some agencies and brands think of influencer marketing as transactional, sort of like a pay-per-post kind of thing. While this is only fair and indeed professional, it defeats the purpose of engaging influencers in the first place.

We believe that influencer marketing will be the future kingmaker for brands, and creating authentic conversations through influencer marketing requires a lot of collaboration and inputs from the influencers themselves.

This is Buzzin, and we wish to anchor the industry, practice, and discipline of influencer marketing on data, analytics, and intelligent algorithms.

Speech bubble. Concentric circles. Much like the Ripple effect.

This product is what will make us grow exponentially, enabling us to expand faster and reach further, like a massive Ripple effect. This platform is meant to engage communities of content creators for campaigns, but on a more intelligent level. Buzzin is an influencer discovery and engagement platform designed to bridge brands to influencers, powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


As new social media and marketing channels continue to emerge, or even when new forms of media will be invented and introduced, we believe that the at the core of being human is the desire to establish connections and engage in authentic and meaningful conversations.

Gone are the days when fame, reach, and celebrity status are the cornerstones of influence. Welcome to the era of the influencers: "regular" and "ordinary" people who can powerfully drive conversations.

We are Blogapalooza and we aim to #ElevateInfluence. :)

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