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Ace Gapuz

My name's Hazel Bernadette, but people know me better as Ace. I'm a young entrepreneur based in Manila, Philippines and currently running an influencer marketing company called Blogapalooza.


My life as a digital native started early. I would always tell people that I began this whole internet thing when I was only 11-12 years old, that was around year 2001-2002, during the good old days of dial-up internet using ISP Bonanza card (100 pesos for 20 hours!), Friendster as the primary social network (penge testi!), and this peculiar place where everyone converged: the glorious mIRC.


From that time on, I learned basic HTML coding through self-study and translated my skillz that killz to my first ever blog in the now defunct I was around 12 years old then. Please forgive me, Universe, but the URL of the very first blog I had was Qt. Angel. Dude. Hahaha. Shame.

I started blogging in 2002 but stopped in 2009, because college happened. (Not an excuse, I know.) But now that I'm back, I wish to be able to tell more interesting stories of my life and journey as a millennial entrepreneur.


Now, let’s take it away! :)




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